There is no doubt that search engine optimization is just as big in 2020 as it was in 2015, it not bigger. Using SEO services offered by the best agency out there will not just help you outsmart your competitors and outrank them for their main keywords, but will also enable you to improve your on-site customer experience and ultimately get more sales and boost your return-on-investment.

Digital marketing performed by professionals can only help you in the long run. With just a slim investment in SEO services, you can grow your web presence and become more visible in your target niche. To better understand how a consultant can help you, let’s take a practical example.

Let’s say that you own a bike rental store in Chicago. The phrase “bike rental Chicago” has around 10,000 searches a month, with over 90% of those searches converting during the following days. Most people searching for this phrase want to rent a bike ASAP. The company that appears on the first position in searches on desktop and mobile takes around 20% of all traffic, while the company that appears in the first position in the local 3 pack in Google Maps gets another 15%. The rest of the traffic is distributed among companies that make the first and second pages in search rankings.

If you manage to get the first position in SERPs or become featured in the local 3 pack, you can basically get around 3000 new leads every single month. That’s huge, considering that all of these are free leads. You never have to pay for traffic from search engines, only for the SEO services performed specialists.

Now that you are aware of the huge importance of working with search engine optimization consultants, we want to encourage you to work only with the best. At Atlas SEO, we pride ourselves by offering top-notch digital marketing solutions to local companies from all across the US. We can help you outrank your competitors and get that prized #1 spot that everyone wants to get, but few invest enough resources to actually achieve.

Our online advertising agency offers complete SEM digital services that cater to the needs of all our customers. All of our consultants have enough experience in white-hat optimization tactics to help you outrank your competitors without being penalized by Google. We are extremely careful about details, so we make sure to help you rank for the best keywords for you, keywords that bring you the highest conversion rates.

Whatever your plans for 2020 are, you need to put a strong emphasis on your digital presence. You want to capitalize on the highest quality optimization services if you want to grow your brand, increase client satisfaction, and ultimately ramp up your business locally and internationally. To help you out, you can hire a team of experts that can offer you outstanding SEO services. Contact us to learn more about how we can help you achieve your goals in 2020 and let us become your trusted partners for constant, continual growth of your company.